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Disney Talk – Wayne Allwine Passes Away

May 22, 2009
The voice of Mickey Mouse dies of diabetes at age 62.

By Blake

Originally posted May 22, 2009.

Today I’d like to comment a piece of show business news this week is serious and somber. On Monday, May 18, Wayne Allwine (the voice of Mickey Mouse) passed away at age 62 of diabetes. He was married to Russi Taylor (the current voice of Minnie).

I was very saddened when I read about this, because for as long as I’ve been a Disney fan, Allwine had held the title of being Mickey’s voice. I didn’t fully realize it until Allwine’s passing, but part of the personal emotion I have for Mickey is Allwine’s kind, welcoming, and cheery tone he put into the character that hadn’t been implemented to Mickey’s personality until Allwine became his voice. Although I’ve heard Mickey’s voice performed by Allwine’s predecessors, Walt Disney and Jimmy MacDonald, a huge part of my journey to slowly becoming an ardent Disney fan was Mickey’s joyful smile paired with his welcoming voice performed by Allwine.

Disney has posted an article about the life of Wayne Allwine on the D23 website, and a video highlighting Allwine’s Disney career has been added to the video selection.

Wayne Allwine truly changed the Walt Disney Company’s signature player and for 32 years brought a personality to Mickey Mouse that will not be forgotten.

By Blake; posted May 22, 2009. All images (C) Disney.