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BlakeOnline Battle – Mr. Potter vs Mr. Potter’s Teacher

October 13, 2006
Mr. Potter (from It’s a Wonderful Life) vs. Mr. Potter’s Teacher (Snape from the Harry Potter series)

Round 1: Evil Lair
Mr. Potter: Bedford Falls
Snape: The dungeon at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Round 1 Winner: Snape. I’d rather be in a school of magic than Bedford Falls.

Round 2: Nemesis
Mr. Potter: George Bailey
Snape: Harry Potter
Round 2 Winner: Mr. Potter. George Bailey in a nice guy with a sweet family, while Harry seems to struggle with who he is as a person throughout the HP series.

Round 3: Most Embarrassing Moment
Mr. Potter: None (that we know of).
Snape: When Harry’s dad did a spell that made Snape propelled in the air upside-down.
Round 3 Winner: Snape. Since we don’t know of anything embarrassing that’s happened to Mr. Potter, I’ll have to go with Snape by default.

With a score of 2-1, Mr. Potter’s teacher (Snape) wins over Mr. Potter!!!

By Blake; originally posted October 13, 2006. Mr. Potter image (C) RKO Radio Pictures. Snape image (C) Warner Bros.


BlakeOnline Battle – Captain Barbossa vs Captain Hook

October 13, 2006

by Blake

Originally posted October 13, 2006.

Captain Barbossa from Pirates of the Caribbean vs. Captain Hook from Peter Pan

Round 1: Evil Lair
Captain Barbossa: A cursed ship in the middle of the ocean, with occasional trips to Tortuga.
Captain Hook: A ship with a magical island for its backyard.
Round 1 Winner: Captain Hook. It sure would be cool to sail aboard the Black Pearl, but after awhile it would get stressful and just plain scary. Never Land is never scary and always delightful.

Round 2: Nemesis
Barbossa: Captain Jack Sparrow
Hook: Peter Pan
Round 2 Winner: Barbossa. A swashbuckling pirate like Jack beats a kid who sings with “pajama-fied” children.

Round 3: Sidekick
Barbossa: Jack the Monkey, who mysteriously turns skeletal when showcased in the moonlight.
Hook: Dim-witted Mr. Smee.
Round 3 Winner: Mr. Smee is a joy to watch on screen and as I read the Peter and the Starcatchers novels, Mr. Smee’s also a pleasure to read! He definitely beats a filthy monkey.

With a score of 2-1, the cowardly Captain Hook wins over the competitive Captain Barbossa!

By Blake; originally posted October 13, 2006. All images (C) Disney.

BlakeOnline Battle – Stinky Pete vs. Peg Leg Pete

October 13, 2006

by Blake

Originally posted October 13, 2006.

Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2 vs. Peg Leg Pete from classic Mickey shorts
Round 1: Name Descriptions
Stinky Pete: Stinky
Peg Leg Pete: Peg Leg
Round 1 Winner: Peg Leg Pete has the scariest name, but Stinky Pete has the funniest! Tie.
Round 2: Nemesis
Stinky Pete: Woody
Peg Leg Pete: Mickey Mouse
Round 2 Winner: Although both villains have some pretty worthy competitors between their rivals, I’ll have to go with Peg Leg Pete and stay with Mickey.
Round 3: Hobbies
Stinky Pete: Chilling with Tour Guide Barbie (see Toy Story 2 DVD Outtakes).
Peg Leg Pete: Generally being mean to innocent mice.
Round 3 Winner: Stinky Pete. Peg Leg Pete doesn’t have any good reason to be mean to Mickey and his pals, and at least Stinky Pete doesn’t act naughty in his spare time.
It’s a tie!!! It seems that Stinky Pete and Peg Leg Pete are square even.
by Blake; originally posted October 13, 2006. Stinky Pete image (C) Disney/Pixar. Peg Leg Pete image (C) Disney.