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Channel Flippin’ – Shrek the Halls Review

December 2, 2007

The latest adventure in DreamWorks’ popular ‘Shrek’ series is short but sweet, and delivers a half-hour of fun family entertainment.

By Blake

Originally posted December 1, 2007.

OK . . . based on my articles from the past several weeks, you might be under the impression that I generally like every movie I see. Nearly all the reviews I’ve posted lately have been generally positive and you may think that I think every movie is great. I don’t. I can really slam a movie when I want to. But, lately, the movie business has been really on top of things and knows what their audience wants. So, as I give you yet another positive review here, just know that a 100% positive record for 2007 is an extremely rare case. Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx the movie business.

Anyway . . . when I sat down Wednesday night, November 28, to view the new holiday special Shrek the Halls, I was thinking what most viewers were probably thinking: “ANOTHER Shrek sequel?!” However, Shrek the Halls is only a 30-minute special and not a full-blown 90-minute sequel.

The special takes place after Shrek the Third, when Fiona and Shrek are preparing for their first Christmas with their new baby triplet ogres. As it turns out, Shrek hasn’t ever celebrated Christmas before and doesn’t exactly know what all the hubbub is about. When he attempts to please Fiona by throwing a Christmas party, mayhem breaks loose when his friends each tell their own version of “The Night Before Christmas.” Eventually Shrek becomes aggravated with his friends for ruining his first Christmas, only to discover that being with the ones you love during the holidays is part of what makes Christmas so special.

Shrek the Halls had the potential to be cheesy and sequel-ish, but fortunately it doesn’t overdo anything and gives each of the favorite characters their own bit of airtime. And, like every Shrek installment so far, Gingy steals the show. Like most Christmas specials, this one isn’t spiritual, though at one point when Shrek asks what the true meaning of Christmas is, I half-expected somebody to pull a Linus. They didn’t, though.

Although it’s not yet available for sale on DVD, you can probably bet it will be come next November. So, if you can, try to catch Shrek the Halls when it airs Tuesday, December 11, 2008 at 8:00pm on ABC. That’s the only airtime that’s currently scheduled for the special and you sure wouldn’t want to miss it.

By Blake; posted December 1, 2007. All images (C) DreamWorks.