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BlakeOnline Battle – Mr. Potter vs Mr. Potter’s Teacher

October 13, 2006
Mr. Potter (from It’s a Wonderful Life) vs. Mr. Potter’s Teacher (Snape from the Harry Potter series)

Round 1: Evil Lair
Mr. Potter: Bedford Falls
Snape: The dungeon at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Round 1 Winner: Snape. I’d rather be in a school of magic than Bedford Falls.

Round 2: Nemesis
Mr. Potter: George Bailey
Snape: Harry Potter
Round 2 Winner: Mr. Potter. George Bailey in a nice guy with a sweet family, while Harry seems to struggle with who he is as a person throughout the HP series.

Round 3: Most Embarrassing Moment
Mr. Potter: None (that we know of).
Snape: When Harry’s dad did a spell that made Snape propelled in the air upside-down.
Round 3 Winner: Snape. Since we don’t know of anything embarrassing that’s happened to Mr. Potter, I’ll have to go with Snape by default.

With a score of 2-1, Mr. Potter’s teacher (Snape) wins over Mr. Potter!!!

By Blake; originally posted October 13, 2006. Mr. Potter image (C) RKO Radio Pictures. Snape image (C) Warner Bros.