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Theme Park Headlines – Main ‘Street View’

June 10, 2009
Image © Disney.

Disneyland Paris has implemented Google Maps’ Street View.

By Blake

Originally posted June 10, 2009.

Last year (at about this same time, actually), Disney and Google introduced a fascinating new feature to Google Earth – 3-D buildings of Walt Disney World in Florida. This allowed users to navigate their way through any of the Walt Disney World parks or resorts virtually (as opposed to the usual bird’s-eye view Google Earth has).

Google Earth introduced 3-D views of Walt Disney World in 2008. Cinderella Castle photograph © Disney. Google Earth image – image © Aerodata International Surveys, © Tele Atlas, buildings © Disney.

I was very excited about this implementation because I found it wonderful to be able to “stroll” through the parks right on my computer. However, the 3-D buildings took very long to load, making Google Earth (and the rest of my computer) very slow. At the time I thought it was acting slowly because the buildings had just been added, and that they’d take a while to work correctly. However, almost a year has come and gone since the Walt Disney World buildings were added to Google Earth and they haven’t gotten any quicker.

Recently Disney and Google teamed up again to introduce a 3-D version of Disneyland Paris, displaying the same experience of walking through the parks. Although I’d like to report that the kinks were worked out, that’s not the case. The 3-D parts are still slow.

But there’s some good news, too. With the introduction of Disneyland Paris in 3-D also comes the implementation of Disneyland Paris “Street View.” On Google Maps and Google Earth, the Street View allows users to look at actual photographs (as opposed to a 3-D rendering) of an area from the “ground” and move up and down streets in that way. Since the Disney parks don’t contain actual public street names, Street View hasn’t had access to the parks. Until now.

With Disneyland Paris’ Street View, users can go through Disneyland Park and its neighbor, Walt Disney Studios Park. A few Disney friends show up along the way, too. To access it, click here and then click that yellow person you see on the left of the screen. Drag the yellow person anywhere in Disneyland Paris, and there you have it! You can make your way through the parks by clicking your keyboard’s arrow keys.

This is part of a year-long celebration Disneyland Paris is hosting called Mickey’s Magical Party. Other festivities include new live entertainment like the Stars ‘n’ Cars Parade, which was recently imported to Paris from Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Mickey’s Magical Party is being celebrated this year at Disneyland Paris. Image © Disney.

The Street View is a much easier and faster way to navigate virtually through Disneyland Paris, and hopefully the feature will be added to other Disney parks.

By Blake; posted June 10, 2009. Disneyland Paris characters image, Cinderella Castle image, and Mickey’s Magical Party image all © Disney. Google Earth image – image © Aerodata International Surveys, © Tele Atlas, buildings © Disney.