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Silver Screen Review – “College Road Trip”

March 16, 2008

Image © Disney.

Disney’s latest comedy is a fun, amusing family detour but doesn’t quite hit it home.

By Blake

Originally posted March 16, 2008.

College Road Trip, Disney’s newest movie in theaters, combines shades of Are We There Yet?, RV, and even A Goofy Movie to tell the story of an overprotective father (Martin Lawrence) who escorts his daughter (Raven-Symone of That’s So Raven) on a tour of colleges in preparation for her first year out of high school. Naturally, not everything goes as planned and much goes haywire as the father-daughter team struggles to reach their destinations on time.

Raven-Symone (left) and Martin Lawrence in College Road Trip. Image © Disney.

The film’s first half is mostly filled with dialogue and didn’t really connect with me. Thankfully, once the family really gets going on their expedition and the plot picks up speed, the film also strengthens to deliver several amusing scenes.

Detour after detour arises and mayhem occurs when everything from Donny Osmond singing Christmas carols and “It’s a Small World” to a caffeinated pig falling from a ceiling to the father and daughter having a rampage on a golf cart through a college campus. So obviously, the film can be quite comical at times. However, to me there wasn’t anything too hilarious about it. Amusing? Absolutely. Laugh-out-loud hilarious? Not really. A few “heh, heh”’s occasionally but not “my-belly-hurts-from-laughing-so-hard” experiences like I’ve had at other similar movies.

I have to say the last scene really took me by surprise. Taking on a much calmer, real-life tone than the rest of the movie, I wasn’t really expecting it. I won’t tell you what it is because it would certainly ruin the entire movie, but I’ll just say it was just a small dash of Disney magic that will have parents in tears.

From left: Raven-Symone, Martin Lawrence, Donny Osmond, and Molly Ephraim in College Road Trip. Image © Disney.

So, to sum it all up, College Road Trip is overall a humorous film. Kids will be able to spot several familiar faces from Disney Channel and laugh at all the physical comedy while adults will relate to some of the experiences the father goes through in the process of realizing his daughter is growing up.

How do I rank College Road Trip? (Bolded is my choice.)

  • Aaah!
  • Blech
  • Not good
  • Good
  • Very good
  • Brilliant

College Road Trip will most likely please: Kids (ages 5-7) – Older Kids (ages 8-10) – Tweens (ages 11-13) – Parents with kids not yet out of the house.

By Blake; posted March 16, 2008. All images © Disney.