BlakeOnline Update – Bolt Your Way to BlakeOnline This Spring

A sneak preview of what’s in store of BlakeOnline this spring.

By Blake

Originally posted March 8, 2009.

Hi everyone, I hope everyone has had a happy, healthy, and great start to 2009. I just wanted to check in to give everyone a status report on what you can expect to find here on BlakeOnline in the coming months, and what different happenings will be going on around the website.

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their tremendous support of BlakeOnline. Thank you very much for your positive feedback! Here are just some of the nice compliments sent in:

-Reader HG

“Your website update is so thorough and well written. I’m glad they [Disney] have (finally) figured out what works for them. I think you give a very accurate review of their ups and downs and where they are headed. Great job Blake. Keep it up!”
-Reader Jeff

“Blake! Dude! I love the new look of your web-site! Thanks for all the special updates. When I was little I LIVED for these things, especially Charlie Brown. Quite frankly, it isn’t ‘Christmas’ until I see “CBCS” and the Grinch. I think Shrek the Halls is a pretty good new addition.”
-Reader Amy

The good news is, due to the positive response from readers who benefitted from the “What’s On Tonight” feature that was posted in December, that feature will probably be returning to BlakeOnline this Christmas, as well.

“This is a great report! I left a comment regarding American Idol, but I checked to make sure it would show up when you looked, and it is not there. What should I do after I write my comment in the box?”
-Reader Pat

Here are some instructions for anyone else that is having trouble posting a comment directly to BlakeOnline: After you type your comment, you scroll down and click either “Name/URL” if you’d like to put your name (I wouldn’t put your full one, though, for Internet safety reasons), or you can click anonymous. Then click “publish comment” and you should be all set!

Additionally, by going back and reading through past messages I’ve received concerning the website, it seems that I get the most feedback from my “battle” articles, featuring smack-downs between different characters. Since I haven’t posted any of those in a while, you can expect at least a few battles to be posted soon.

This spring, as I prepare with my family to plan a trip to Walt Disney World, a special focus series will be posted that will center on planning a Disney vacation during these tough economic times. I’ll walk you through every step of making the most of your money by scaling down your budget but still having a magical vacation.

Stay tuned to as it bolts its way into a very exciting spring!

By Blake; posted March 8, 2009. All images (C) Disney.

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