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Channel Flippin’ – ‘Drake & Josh: Really Big Shrimp’ Review

August 5, 2007

The newest Drake and Josh TV “movie” delivers fans a delightful and fitting finish to the hit Nickelodeon program.

By Blake

Originally posted August 5, 2007.

Drake and Josh has created quite a fan base since its premiere in 2004, and the show has been the product of 56 episodes in 4 seasons, 1 made-for-TV movie, and a soundtrack. Last Friday (August 3, 2007), it was time for their second Nickelodeon TV movie to premiere, entitled Really Big Shrimp.

Not technically a “movie”, but better phrased as a double episode, Really Big Shrimp still contains the opening theme song and the incredibly easy-to-please “audience” providing its background laughter. So, its false advertising led some to believe it would be a full-fledged 70+ minute movie like its predecessor, 2006’s Drake and Josh Go Hollywood. But, it wasn’t. And personally, I’m glad. I much rather prefer the Drake and Josh setup that we’re used to seeing these characters in, rather than a Zoey 101-ish moviewe were delivered last year. Because Drake and Josh wasn’t meant for the big screen—it’s a television show, and as such should be treated like one. So, in Really Big Shrimp, I was pleased to find that I wouldn’t be delivered an awkward-feeling TV movie, but rather a mere double episode with the characters and plot at its best.

The plot of the “movie” is simple enough—Drake is offered for his new song, “Makes Me Happy” (an actual song on one of actor/singer Drake Bell’s albums) to appear on a commercial. However, when Josh is “mesmerized by giant shrimp”, he hastily signs a contract giving the record company the rights to edit and tweak Drake’s song. The company soon whips up a demoted, jazzed-up version of the song, much to Drake’s displeasure. Meanwhile, Josh’s boss, Helen, is getting married and orders that her grandmother stay at Drake and Josh’s house (providing hilarious scenes with this new character). Additionally, Josh’s ex-girlfriend, Mindy, has been hired assistant manager at The Premier movie theatre, the job that Josh has always dreamed of having. On top of all this, crowd favorite Crazy Steve, a coworker of Josh and Mindy at the theatre, is as crazy as ever, terrorizing theatre guests and getting extremely worked up at Josh for eating Steve’s enchilada.

Although there are two episodes still unaired of Drake and Josh left after Really Big Shrimp premiered, the double episode was originally intended to be the series finale, and is a fan-satisfying closure of the show, and leaves us with a pretty clear view as to what the characters will do as they get on with their lives.

So, as fans depart from the characters of this charming Nickelodeon series for the final time, the series conclusion is both appropriate for its characters, as well as on par plot-wise (and comedy-wise) with the rest of the series. And, although it isn’t a full-blown Hollywood production, the show’s ending could be a lot worse—the producers could have left us with a regular episode and said “Well, that’s it, there’s no more.” But they didn’t. And—unless that wild rumor is given truth that Drake and Josh might be hitting the big screens in 2008 to take a trip to New York*—this series finale gives its characters justice, but doesn’t overdo the occasion in the slightest bit.

*Although that exact rumor didn’t come to fruition, there WILL be a new Drake & Josh TV movie debuting in December 2008 (almost a year-and-a-half after its last episode) called Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh.

By Blake; originally posted August 5, 2007. All images (C) Nickelodeon.