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Disney Talk – At World’s End

May 19, 2007

What Will Happen and What Promotional Devices Can Help Us Foreshadow

By Blake

This article is part of Pirate Countdown 2007.

The following article contains major spoilers about the first two Pirates of the Caribbean films, as well as my own personal opinions about what might happen in At World’s End. Beware if you haven’t seen the first two films (or don’t want ANY idea of what will happen in the third) . . . because there are spoilers ahead!

Originally posted May 19, 2007.
So, Davy Jones’ heart (and the entire sea) is in the hands of the East India Trading Company, led by Cutler Beckett. Jack Sparrow is dead and now imprisoned in Davy Jones’ locker (along with the Black Pearl). Jack’s entire crew, led by the thought-to-be-dead Captain Barbossa, must travel to World’s End to retrieve their buddy. Obviously, many twists were revealed last summer when Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, the second film in the Pirates series, was released and now that Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, is about to be released, we can only guess what surprises Disney may have in store for this time around.
If you’ve seen the trailer or TV commercials that are advertising the film, then you know that Disney’s not going to go the entire movie without Jack Sparrow – even though he is dead, we still see him in his fictional “afterlife.” So, let’s just say that about halfway through the movie, Jack’s crew might be already finished rescuing Jack from the end of the earth – then what?
Well, be it that the entire sea is in the hand of Beckett, pirates everywhere obviously don’t want to be controlled by the East India Trading Company. So, it’s up to Jack, Barbossa, and the crew to round up the pirate lords from all across the globe to gather for the ultimate battle against good and evil (no, it’s not Fantasmic!).

Based on that plot (which could or could not be true – I’ve just read the movie’s website!), here are some of my predictions on what I think could (or could not) happen in At World’s End. Note that at the time I am writing this, I have not seen the movie – all of these predictions are based on what I’ve read on the film’s website, seen in its trailers and commercials, and the marketing devices Disney is using to promote the film.
In the past, Disney has left some very solid (and often very obvious, yet much hidden) clues as to what will happen in the Pirates films long before they come out. For example, take a look at the “skull/crossbones” logos for the first two films in the series:

The Curse of the Black Pearl‘s teaser poster (above) showcases a skull with Jack Sparrow’s trademark bandanna, as well as two authentic swords crossed behind the skull. This sets a classic “piratey” feel, which rubs off in the classic “piratey” first movie. I thought the first movie particularly captured the spirit of the original Disneyland ride, full of pure fun. Not that the second film didn’t, I just thought that the first film did it better. Cursed treasure . . . extended sequences in Tortuga . . . it just had a more classic “piratey” feel to it, which was foreshadowed by the mood of the poster.

Here’s the poster for the second Pirates film, Dead Man’s Chest (above). Were you surprised when Captain Jack Sparrow was “deceased” in Dead Man’s Chest? You shouldn’t have been, if you paid close attention, once again, to the movie’s teaser poster. This time the poster not only sets the mood of a possibly more intense and violent film than the first, but also gives away a major plot spoiler, though few people noticed. In this poster, the swords are replaced by two flaming torches and the skull, once again, dons Jack’s signature bandanna, but also adds a few trinkets to its attire . . . oh, and wait! What’s that hanging from the skull? It appears to be a voodoo doll of Captain Jack . . . with a stick stabbed through his body! If that’s not very obvious foreshadowing (that obviously nobody, including me, picked up on) then I don’t know what is.

So, let’s see if we can predict what will happen in At World’s End based on the movie’s poster:

So, once again, the skull displays Jack’s bandanna and some trinkets, but this time adds a model of Jack’s deadlock-like beard. The swords/torches are replaced by bare bones (perhaps symbolizing Jack’s departure?). Additionally, eight characters of a foreign language appear that translates into “Good luck, Captain Jack.” Meaning, Jack is going to need all the help he can get if he’s going to escape Davy Jones’ locker and round up all the pirate lords.

In addition to the posters, some scenes throughout the first two films hinted at what was next to come in the storyline.

For instance, some people (okay, LOTS of people) were utterly shocked when Captain Barbossa appeared at the end of Dead Man’s Chest. But, if you kept a sharp eye on the lookout throughout the second film, you wouldn’t have been so surprised. In the first scene featuring Tia Dalma (and the only scene featuring her before the final sequence), take a look at when Miss Dalma frees “Jack the monkey” out of his cage. If you look carefully, the monkey walks across the shack, where he sits upon a pair of boots, presumably with feet inside. Supposedly these are Barbossa’s boots! And take a look at what Jack observes and picks up: Barbossa’s hat! So, if you were looking at the tiny details throughout the movie, such as these, many of the film’s surprises wouldn’t be so surprising.

So, now let’s go through a role call of the primary characters of the film, what their current “mission” is, and what (I think) will most likely happen to them in At World’s End.

Captain Jack Sparrow, recently gobbled up by the Kraken, is anxiously awaiting his crew to rescue him from the depths of Davy Jones’ locker., otherwise known as “World’s End.” Jack’s mission from the second movie, to settle his debt with Davy Jones, is (at the moment) complete because just as Jack was being eaten, Davy Jones proclaimed “Our debt is settled.” Since Jones now think Jack has his heart, the debt probably isn’t settled for long – but for now, it is.

In the second movie, Will promised his father freedom from an eternity on Davy Jones’ ship. In the third movie, his mission remains the same, but now on top of that, several conflicts have occurred. Now Will’s got to help save Jack from the depths of World’s End along with the rest of the crew. Additionally, at the end of Dead Man’s Chest, Will looked on and watched as his fiance Elizabeth “heavily kissed” Jack. Of course, it was all part of a plan to abandon Jack on the Black Pearl . . . but did Will know that? Apparently Will thinks he must now win Elizabeth’s love all over again because in the trailer, he (once again) asks Elizabeth to be his bride (during an epic battle scene), even though they were already set to be married earlier. Elizabeth replies “I don’t think now is the best time!” Does she mean that it’s simply “not the best time” because she’s currently in battle? Or . . . does she mean she’s not emotionally ready to marry Will? We’ll have to wait and see!

Partly because of this, Elizabeth Swann is currently questioning her place in the world. All within a brief amount of time, she’s transferred from a very proper English woman to a full-fledged pirate. She doesn’t know whether to follow her heart (leading her to Will – or is it Jack? – and more pirate adventures) or whether to follow in the footsteps of where her father thinks she belongs – helping govern Port Royal.

When we last saw Davy Jones, he was the ruler of the ocean . . . now, he’s not so threatening. Cutler Beckett of the East India Trading Company is now in possession of Jones’ heart, so now all poor Davy is left to do is take commands from an English guy in a powdered wig. Davy Jones’ mission in the third film is the same as in the second – to get that heart! (He would have saved him, and a lot of pirates, a whole bunch of trouble if he would have just not taken out his heart in the first place!)

Tia Dalma appeared in one location in the second movie, and that was her shack in a bayou. In the third film, she’s be more spacial, as (according to the trailers) she’ll be traveling with the crew to fetch back Jack from World’s End.

Cutler Beckett’s master plan to control the seas is coming into place rather nicely. He’s eliminated (for now) Captain Jack Sparrow, he’s got Will and Elizabeth out of his hair, and he has the heart of Davy Jones in his possession. It seems nothing can stop this guy!

Former Commodore James Norrington was, just like Will and Elizabeth, supposed to be sent to jail for letting Jack Sparrow get away in the first movie, The Curse of the Black Pearl. He paid off his debt, however, when he delivered the heart of Davy Jones to Cutler Beckett at the end of the second movie, Dead Man’s Chest. Now, he’s resumed his position in the Royal Navy. I personally think Norrington was evil all along, wanting to marry Elizabeth only so he could get to her father’s position as governor. (Evidence that led me to this conclusion was in a making-of book – “Pirates of the Caribbean: From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies” – where it states that an early-developed character, much similar to Norrington, was purely evil and disguising his true nature by working in the Navy. After all, if he really was a pure, genuine guy in the first movie, how come all of a sudden he takes up a pirate’s life in the second film?) Of course, that thought is just speculation at this point. It could end up becoming true, or it could not happen at all.

Davy Jones’ “terrible Beastie” pet, the Kraken (I pronounce it “Crack-En”, but you can say “Kray-Ken” or “Krah-Ken” if you like), recently swallowed Jack Sparrow at the end of the second film, Dead Man’s Chest. Someone I recently spoke to thought that the Kraken died when he (?) ate Jack because Jack swung his sword into the Kraken’s mouth. However, I think this is extremely improbable. If the Kraken has survived hundreds of gunshots, cannon fires, and other threats, then why is one sword going to send him to his death? That’s just my personal opinion, however.

Captain Hector Barbossa (betch’ya didn’t know his first name!) was recently brought back from the dead. When he appeared to Jack’s crew at the end of Dead Man’s Chest, the second film, and proclaimed that he would captain them to World’s End, he also asked what happened to “his” ship . . . which brings up a peculiar question: Once (or if) Captain Jack is retrieved from World’s End, who is the captain of the Black Pearl? I’ve seen a short clip concerning this issue, and I think the final results will be quite humorous. Other questions to be answered by Captain Barbossa include: Why does he want to help save Jack? After all, he took away Jack’s ship, mutinied him – twice – and tried to kill him multiple times . . . so why in the world would he want Jack to come back? Another question is: How did Barbossa come back from the dead? If it’s the same way Jack can come back – by someone rescuing him from Davy Jones’ locker – then who was the rescuer and how did Barbossa get to Tia Dalm’a shack? Ultimately, the biggest question is who’s captain of the Black Pearl?! The way I see it, it was Jack’s ship originally before Barbossa snatched it away from him . . . but then again, Jack primarily has it on loan from Davy Jones. So . . . WHO’S THE CAPTAIN?!?

Moving on to another character, Gibbs has a peculiar and mysterious story to tell that will hopefully be revealed in At World’s End. If you go back to the first film, The Curse of the Black Pearl, and view the very first scene (the one with 10-year-old Elizabeth) then you’ll recognize a very clean-cut, sharp-looking Gibbs . . . working for the Navy. What? How’d he go from working with the governor to being best pals with Captain Jack? I really (really!) hope that Gibbs’ mysterious past will be revealed in the third film.

Governor Weatherby Swann is just trying to do his job. He doesn’t know whether he should stick to the rules and be a proper governor or take up for his daughter, who he loves dearly and has recently been involved in a few pirate “episodes.” All he wants is for his daughter to be safe happy, and will go to any lengths to reach that goal, even if it means getting himself into trouble.

Pintel and Ragetti (otherwise known as the goofy pirate and his one-eyed chum) were originally members of Barbossa’s cursed pirate crew in the first film, The Curse of the Black Pearl, but now they’re members of Jack’s crew as they sail to the end of the earth to fetch their captain back.

Well, I believe that’s everyone! Now, enough of my blabbing! Let’s see what readers think will happen “At World’s End!”

Reader Melissa says: “Jack will be saved. In fact he doesn’t even need saving because he’s not dead. Just as he busted out of that coffin in the beginning of Pirates 2, he will bust through the Kraken. The Kraken will swallow Jack and then spit him out, proclaiming, “Yuck, you don’t taste good.” But, because Davy Jones has control over the Kraken, the pirates of the world will need to meet at world’s end to all try to take their place as the best, most powerful pirate and to defeat Davy Jones. Will and Elizabeth will still not get married and we may see some sort of a love triangle between Jack, Elizabeth, and Will.”

Reader Kenny answers some questions I asked readers:

  • Will Jack be saved? Of course.
  • Who will get the chest? The Monkey.
  • Is Barbossa good or evil? Good.
  • What in the world does that monkey have to do with everything? See #2.

Reader Jeff says: “Jack comes back (duh), fights the English to save the pirate way of life, realizes he’s gettin’ too old for this kind of stuff and settles down with that voodoo witch doctor lady. They move to the swamp, get married, & they have pirate voodoo babies to continue the pirate tradition.

“Will Turner and Miss Swann agree things are getting a little too serious right now and agree to just be friends & see other people until the 4th sequel. Miss Swann admits she likes guys in big round black hats & falls in love with Captain Barbossa. Captain Barbossa calls all his old pirate buddies (including but not limited to Soa Feang (his college roommate)). He tells them to meet him at their old hang out/ the world’s end. They meet there & in a tearful speech Captain Barbossa announces he’s now a good pirate, he puts on a big round white hat, and says he’s gonna marry Miss Swann.

“Boy it’s gonna be a great movie!”

That was rather creative! Well, there you have it, folks! Will our predictions be correct? Find out in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, in theaters May 25, and stay tuned here for coverage of this epic movie release!

By Blake; originally posted May 19, 2007.


Disney Talk – It’s Almost Here!

May 19, 2007

This article is part of Pirate Countdown 2007.

By Blake

Originally posted on May 19, 2007.

After nearly 11 anticipating months, the wait is finally over!!! Walt Disney Pictures’ and Jerry Bruckheimer Productions’ Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End will premiere tonight (Saturday, May 19, 2007) at Disneyland in California (just like the previous two films in the series). The premiere will have the bragging rights of the world’s longest red carpet of all time, stretching down Disneyland’s Main Street, U.S.A. and winding its way through New Orleans Square, arriving at its destination, the Rivers of America.
There, a crowd of nearly 7,000 fans, cast/crew members, and celebrities will gather as a giant movie screen constructed on Tom Sawyer Island will project the world premiere presentation of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. However, this time around, unlike the previous two premiere events, tickets were available to the general public and sold out after just 14 days on sale. The price? – A whopping $1,500.
By Blake; originally posted May 19, 2007. Pirate Countdown image designed by Blake with the Word Art program. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End will debut in theaters on May 25, 2007.

Disney Talk – Concerning Pirates 4 . . .

May 19, 2007
This article is part of BlakeOnline’s Pirate Countdown 2007.
by Blake
Originally posted May 19, 2007.
There have been many rumors circulating around the world wide web lately concerning a fourth (and, at one point, even a fifth and sixth) Pirates of the Caribbean flick. However, as time has passed, that seems less and less likely. But, Pirates fans, don’t dwell! There is still hope for another sequel, but of course nothing if 100% set in stone yet.
There have been various reports going back and forth of crew members and actors that were present in the three current Pirates films, some saying they’re ready for another round and others saying it’s not happening. With many interviews and articles contradicting each other, it’s hard to choose which ones to believe and whether or not to think if this fourth movie really is happening or not.
Obviously, when making any sequel, there’s the possibility that it won’t live up to its original predecessor(s). Would you want more Pirates, even if it meant a decrease in value?
So, we possibly could be seeing a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie showing up sometime in the future, but based on articles, opinions, and news all going every which way and saying different reports, there’s still some questioning up in the air about its realization. Johnny Depp has said that he’ll be glad to return if a good story is provided . . . I know I’m thirsty for more Pirates and I can’t wait to see what the vast horizon in the Pirates world brings us.
By Blake; originally posted May 19, 2007. Jack Sparrow image (C) Disney. Pirates Countdown image designed by Blake with the Word Art program.